Scented candle Water Flower

Botanical candle with intense freshness


  • Candle formulated with natural wax; its perfume immerses us in a relaxing atmosphere evoking a universe filled with sweetness.
  • The vibrant freshness of lemon combines with the delicate green notes of lily of the valley and its aquatic tones.
  • The fragrance calms down with the floral notes of violet and the velvety peach. The spicy carnation brings a nice character to the fragrance. Finally, the musk and vanilla soften the fragrance.

Weight : 75g

Perfume:Head Note : Lemon & Lily of the valley | Middle Note : Violet & Peach | Background note : Vanilla & Musk

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Packed in a linen pouch with logo


  • Place the Scented Candle on a stable, draft-free surface.
  • For a first use, be sure to let the Scented Candle burn at least 2 hours, before extinguishing it, so that the wax on the surface is melted.
  • It is recommended not to move the Vegetable Candle until the melted wax has completely solidified.


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