Discover our body massages with hot stones, essential oils, relaxing, sleep improving, the traditional chinese energy massage, the indian ayurvedic one …

Relaxing Massage

A true invitation to well-being, this massage performed on the entire body releases tension and promotes deep relaxation.

Wellness and Sleep Improving Massage

This massage, performed on the back of the body, alternates finger-pressure on the energy lines, deep vibratory movements in rhythm with the breathing. It relaxes, relieves tension and improves the…

Indian Ayurvedic Massage

This massage is inspired by Ayurveda, an ancient Indian medicine that means the science of life. The goal of the massage is to restore the balance of energies, it harmonises…

Traditional Chinese Energy Massage

Rebalances the energies. This massage activates the circulation of the meridian system which conveys vital energy. The finger-pressure over acupuncture points un-blocks the system so that energy circulates freely.

Bali Massage

This massage is the harmonious combination of deep massage and slow and enveloping movements. It combines force and gentleness inspired by Chinese and Indian massages. A true cleansing of the…

Hot Stone Massage

This hot stone massage is founded in the sciences of the oriental world. The massage stones are effective both for the harmonization of energy flow and for muscle relaxation. They…

Muscle Relaxing Massage

This relaxing massage, with deep, strong movements promotes intense muscle relaxation. The alliance of passive movements and pressure is particularly appreciated by athletes, it restores energy and vitality.

Relaxing Indian Massage

This body massage with oils is particularly gentle and soothing. Ideal for people who are very tired, it relaxes, revitalizes and improves blood and lymphatic circulation

Detox Massage

This draining massage is ideal after any excess; it effectively promotes the elimination of toxins. Slow, gentle and enveloping it offers a real moment of relaxation.

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