Sea dream

massage gommage baume

Balinese Sea Dream

Let your mind forage for exotic flowers on Bali Island where biodiversity is Queen ! The Coconut and the Noni accompany you at the start of this flower trip to enjoy the firming and anti-ageing properties of Hibiscus Flower extract which blends perfectly with Cherry Blossom for a deep relaxing effect.

gommage visages et corps

Scandinavian sea dream

Close your eyes and allow yourself to be carried away on a divine pampering and regenerating getaway at the heart of Scandinavia. Enjoy the treasures of this breath-taking country where the sea and mountains intertwine as far as the eye can see… Discover the benefits of this Sea Dream.

coffret cosmétique

Okinawa sea dream

Free your mind and journey to the land of meditation where everything is calm and peaceful. Enjoy the anti-stress virtues of magnesium-rich Oyster Shell Powder. Discover precious oils of Cotton and Rice with their softening, moisturizing and anti-ageing virtues that protect the skin against ageing and external aggressions.

produits pour gommage corps

Volcanic sea dream

Discover the land of volcanoes; consider the intense subterranean life of Etna and imagine all the ancestral Greco-Roman virtues of the Thermal Baths of Sicily ! Enjoy the benefits of Mud and Geothermal Spring Water with relaxing virtue. Breathe in the fragrance of vitamin-enhanced citrus fruit and take advantage of their essential oils.

masque pour le corps

Tropical sea dream

Dive into turquoise lagoons then stretch out on a magnificent fine sandy beach… Rocked by the sound of the waves, indulge in a moment of sheer relaxation in the sun with this dream escapade to a tropical island… Set off for the perfect getaway and discover all the drainage, moisturising & anti-oxidizing properties of this fruity paradise: Kiwi, Prickly Pear, Papaya and Sapote.

gommage corps sel marin

Malouine sea dream

Head for Brittany and let your mind sail over the water! Discover Sea Algae, gorged with mineral salts and Sea Clay, offering extremely high magnesium content. Enjoy the benefits of these active ingredients for an intense moment of remineralisation.

Body scrubs

gommage corps kiwi sable

Kiwi seeds & white sand scrub

This tropical, silky-soft scrub offers a natural exfoliation with its Kiwi seeds, grains of White Sand and Bamboo extracts. This exfoliating and gourmet scrub leaves the skin perfectly moisturized and soft while indulging it with vanilla aromas. Marine Ingredients: Grains of white sand, Palmaria Palmata Alga.

gommage du corps coco

Granita scrub noni & coconut

This fluid-textured scrub provides an intense exfoliation that respects the epidermis thanks to its fine salt crystals. Enriched with Noni pulp (precious Asian plant), this scrub restores vitality, hydration and softness to the skin. Its gourmand fragrance with Coconut notes immediately transports you to an island paradise. Marine Ingredients: Marine salts, Marine Polysaccharides.

gommage éclats ambre baltique

Baltic Amber Sparkles Scrub

Ideal harmony between an ultra-creamy texture and pretty Amber chips, this surprising scrub provides for gentle, effective exfoliation. The skin is perfectly soft, toned and regenerated.

Gommage coquilles d'huîtres & lotus sacré

Oyster Shell & sacred Lotus Scrub

This body scrub, enriched with oyster shell powder, sea salts and sacred lotus, provides intense exfoliation of the skin. Mineral salts and trace elements promote micro-circulation and maintain optimal hydration levels. Sacred lotus flower, an ultra-protective and radiance-enhancing active ingredient, is used to combat imperfections. The skin is soft and luminous.

Gommage Sel et Argile Marine

Sea Salt And Marine Clay Scrub

This silky cream gently exfoliates with Guérande sea salt and marine clay. The combination of vegetal and marine oils revitalizes and softens the skin and cornflower water completes the effectiveness of the treatment with its relaxing and decongestant qualities.

Gommage Poudre de Lave

Lava Powder Scrub

This scrub melts into the skin as it is massaged to release its natural exfoliating agents including the very remineralizing Sicilian lava powder. Enriched with thermal water, it is rich in magnesium, silica and calcium and has rebalancing, purifying and regenerating properties. Finally, the complex of vegetal oils provides intense nutrition and smoothes the epidermis.

Body masks

masque pour le corps papaye

Papaya & prickly pear body beauty mask

A genuine drainage and moisturising care, this body mask offers the skin well-being and a sensation of lightness. It combines exceptionally hydrating active ingredients (Prickly Pear and Hyaluronic Acid) with an extract of a red alga, Palmaria Palmata, known for its drainage action promoting the elimination of water and toxins. Marine Ingredient: Palmaria Palmata Alga

masque corporel algue polaire

Cocooning Polar Algae Body Beauty Mask

This creamy and cocooning mask intensely nourishes the epidermis and preserves the skin’s youth capital thanks to a regenerating active ingredient from a Polar Alga and a Sea Buckthorn Oily Macerate.

Masque Corporel Terres Volcaniques

Body Mask with Volcanic Earth

This mask has the silky, sensory texture of a body wax and gives a great feeling of well-being. Its mineral properties are developed through a synergy of 3 natural ingredients from Sicily: thermal spring water, extract of oranges from Madonie National Park, very rich in vitamin C and anti-oxidant properties and thermal mud with relaxing properties.

Body Mask with Algae and Seaside Plants

This treatment, very rich in marine algae, revives the natural mechanism of cells and restores their vitality thanks to a high concentration in mineral salts and trace elements. The floral water of sea fennel provides aromatic properties, very relaxing and decongesting

Masque Corporel Fleurs d'Hibiscus

Body Mask with Hibiscus Flowers

This mask, a moisturizing gel rich in mineral salts and trace elements, combines different extracts of seaweed and plants. The hydrating effect of enteromorpha seaweed combined with the firming action of scoporian seaweed improves the skin’s surface and restores firmness. Hibiscus flower extract, rich in fruit acids with softening, regenerating and anti-aging properties associated with algae serum remineralizes the epidermis.

Masque Corporel Mousse de Coton

Cotton Foam Body Mask

This Cotton Foam mask is a soothing, cocooning treatment that lastingly nourishes, soothes and moisturizes the skin. This unique and sensory milky cream contains two precious oils: cottonseed oil that combats the drying of the epidermis and rice oil that protects the skin from aging and external aggressions. In addition, its texture rich in beeswax and mango butter gives it intensifying and nourishing properties. The seaweed serum completes the effect of mineral salts and trace elements.

Body massages

massage corps relaxant

Relaxing Massage

A true invitation to well-being, this massage performed on the entire body releases tension and promotes deep relaxation.

Soins corps

Wellness and Sleep Improving Massage

This massage, performed on the back of the body, alternates finger-pressure on the energy lines, deep vibratory movements in rhythm with the breathing. It relaxes, relieves tension and improves the effectiveness of sleep.

massage corps

Indian Ayurvedic Massage

This massage is inspired by Ayurveda, an ancient Indian medicine that means the science of life. The goal of the massage is to restore the balance of energies, it harmonises the body and the mind, it soothes tensions and restores energy and vitality. It “cleanses” the body. The Indian Ayurvedic massage alternates different techniques such as Abhyanga: stimulating movements, Marmatherapy: deep work over energy points.

modelage chinois

Traditional Chinese Energy Massage

Rebalances the energies. This massage activates the circulation of the meridian system which conveys vital energy. The finger-pressure over acupuncture points un-blocks the system so that energy circulates freely.

massage Balinais

Bali Massage

This massage is the harmonious combination of deep massage and slow and enveloping movements. It combines force and gentleness inspired by Chinese and Indian massages. A true cleansing of the body, this massage rebalances, invigorates and relaxes

massage aux pierres chaudes

Hot Stone Massage

This hot stone massage is founded in the sciences of the oriental world. The massage stones are effective both for the harmonization of energy flow and for muscle relaxation. They reduce stress, loosen knots and neutralize negative energies.

massage Détente Musculaire

Muscle Relaxing Massage

This relaxing massage, with deep, strong movements promotes intense muscle relaxation. The alliance of passive movements and pressure is particularly appreciated by athletes, it restores energy and vitality.

massage Relaxant Indien

Relaxing Indian Massage

This body massage with oils is particularly gentle and soothing. Ideal for people who are very tired, it relaxes, revitalizes and improves blood and lymphatic circulation

massage Détox

Detox Massage

This draining massage is ideal after any excess; it effectively promotes the elimination of toxins. Slow, gentle and enveloping it offers a real moment of relaxation.

The slimming – firming – draining treatments

Soin Détoxifiant Silhouette

Detoxifying Silhouette Treatment

This treatment triggers the contouring process, it combines a wrap that promotes sweating with a draining massage, it results in a feeling of lightness and a refined silhouette.

Soin Minceur

Active Contouring Treatment

Perfect body treatment, it combines movements from Chinese Massage with the use of suction cups reproducing the famous “palpate-rolling” technique; it offers 3 combined effects for optimal results.

Soin Jambes Légères

Leg Toning Treatment

This complete treatment improves the feeling of lighter, toned legs, the draining effect combats water retention and the cryogenic wrap tones weakened capillaries and strengthens their effect.

The well being treatments

soin bien etre chaud froid

Hot/Cold Wellness Treatment

This treatment combines body wraps and massages, it gives you simultaneously a total feeling of relaxation in the upper body and a perfect feeling of lightness and freshness in the legs.

Soin Total équilibre

Total Balance Treatment

This relaxing treatment, composed of plantar reflexology, a hand massage and a scalp massage, stimulates nerve endings and provides wellbeing and balance.