Relaxing Face Massage

All skin types. This gentle massage promotes a deep feeling of well-being and the relaxation of the facial muscles.

Oxygenating Massage

For tired, stressed skins and lacklustre complexions. This toning massage promotes the oxygenation of tissues thanks to the activation of lymphatic and blood circulation.

Firming Massage

Mature skin with a lack of firmness. The expert, toning and targeted hand movements firm, soften and restore the skin’s elasticity.

Anti-Wrinkle Massage

Mature skin with lines and wrinkles. The specific hand-movements in this massage help to stimulate the cells responsible for skin aging, they act to fade wrinkles and fine lines.

Global anti-ageing massage

Mature skin with lack of moisture, loss of radiance, sagging skin, presence of wrinkles and fine lines. The targeted and toning hand movements of this massage act effectively on all…

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