Our Treatments

Thermes Marins de Saint-Malo develop rituals inspired from across the world and professional skin-care products that provide comprehensive skin-care for the face and body.

Each of our treatments offers a sensory experience around textures, perfumes and massage. No matter where the treatment takes place, this moment is reminiscent of a trip by the sea, for total revitalization and incomparable well-being.

Firming Massage

Mature skin with a lack of firmness. The expert, toning and targeted hand movements firm, soften and restore the skin’s elasticity.

Anti-Wrinkle Massage

Mature skin with lines and wrinkles. The specific hand-movements in this massage help to stimulate the cells responsible for skin aging, they act to fade wrinkles and fine lines.

Global anti-ageing massage

Mature skin with lack of moisture, loss of radiance, sagging skin, presence of wrinkles and fine lines. The targeted and toning hand movements of this massage act effectively on all…

Oyster Shell Powder Body Scrub

This milky scrub obtains its richness from oyster shell powder. Oyster shells provide mineral salts and trace elements that promote micro- circulation and help to maintain optimal hydration. It has anti-stress properties thanks to its richness in magnesium, whereas zinc, silicon and copper preserve the beauty and elasticity of the epidermis. Seaweed serum acts to complete these remineralizing and revitalizing effects.


Sea Salt And Marine Clay Scrub

This silky cream gently exfoliates with Guérande sea salt and marine clay. The combination of vegetal and marine oils revitalizes and softens the skin and cornflower water completes the effectiveness…

Lava Powder Scrub

This scrub melts into the skin as it is massaged to release its natural exfoliating agents including the very remineralizing Sicilian lava powder. Enriched with thermal water, it is rich…

Body Mask with Volcanic Earth

This mask has the silky, sensory texture of a body wax and gives a great feeling of well-being. Its mineral properties are developed through a synergy of 3 natural ingredients…

Body Mask with Algae and Seaside Plants

This treatment, very rich in marine algae, revives the natural mechanism of cells and restores their vitality thanks to a high concentration in mineral salts and trace elements. The floral…

Body Mask with Hibiscus Flowers

This mask, a moisturizing gel rich in mineral salts and trace elements, combines different extracts of seaweed and plants. The hydrating effect of enteromorpha seaweed combined with the firming action…

Cotton Foam Body Mask

This Cotton Foam mask is a soothing, cocooning treatment that lastingly nourishes, soothes and moisturizes the skin. This unique and sensory milky cream contains two precious oils: cottonseed oil that…

Wellness and Sleep Improving Massage

This massage, performed on the back of the body, alternates finger-pressure on the energy lines, deep vibratory movements in rhythm with the breathing. It relaxes, relieves tension and improves the…

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