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Remove make-up and tone the skin in a single step!

This Micellar Water Himanthalia & Yeast, with its delicate “Brittany Coast” fragrance, removes make-up and tones the face and eyes in a single step. Enriched with an objectified active ingredient resulting from bacterial fermentation: the Hydrolyzed Yeast Protein, it restores the natural balance of the skin.
True daily care, the skin is perfectly cleansed, clear and regains its natural radiance.

Micellar water himanthalia & yeast 1
cosmectic brittany origin
cosmétiques ingrédients naturels
cosmetic ultra sensory
green packaging cosmetics

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cosmetique aux algues brunes
  • Presents on Brittany Coasts, it has remineralizing virtues.


cosmétique qui hydrate la peau
  • Objectified active ingredient resulting from bacterial fermentation :
  • Restores the bacterial population, regularly altered by external aggressions, thus strengthening the barrier effect of the skin.


cosmétIque glycérine vegetale
  • Essential moisturizing active ingredient thanks to its humectant and emollient effects.
  • Brings softness and hydration to the skin.

A real sensory experience

lotion démaquillante naturelle
  • An ultra-fresh water texture.
  • A delicate fragrance with marine and breton notes.

*Pourcentage de satisfaction des volontaires – Test d’usage réalisé sur 19 volontaires âgés de 19 à 46 ans ayant tous types de peaux (dont 12 volontaires ayant la peau sensible) après l’application biquotidienne du Lait Démaquillant pendant 21 jours..