Here we share beauty tips from our skincare professionals!

I keep my Eye Contour Cream in the refrigerator for a more decongestant effect when applied.

Bain de pied

I always finish my shower with a jet of cold water over my legs to improve blood circulation.

As soon as it gets hot my ankles swell... Fresh Leg Toning Gel gives me immediate relief.

se masser le visage

I always apply my face cream to my neck and décolleté.

I remove my makeup as soon as I get home from work (except if I’m going out) because I find it incredibly relaxing and it gives my night cream time to penetrate which prevents it from sticking on the pillow.

Our Secret Beauty Tips 1

I remove my eye makeup by gently massaging with my fingers so I don’t irritate the eyelid by wiping excessively with a cotton pad.

During the time my face mask is on, I relax and take the time to apply my body cream with light massage movements.

Our Secret Beauty Tips 2

I gently massage the eye contour with ice cubes for a more luminous look.

I apply the serum as a course of treatment morning and evening with each change of season.

Our Secret Beauty Tips 3

I always keep sun screen adapted to my skin type in my bag.

In the summer, I always keep my Velvet Body Cream Himanthalia & Fucus in my beach bag to avoid “cracked” skin.

Le soleil sur la peau

I let my skin breathe without makeup at least once a week.

I keep my face scrub in the shower so I remember to use it at least once a week.