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Immediate sense of freshness on your sKin!

This Toning Lotion Algae & Malachite is ideal for perfecting make-up removal and refreshing the skin in a single step. Thanks to an Algae complex (Microalgae and Fucus Spiralis) and a Malachite extract (green natural stone), the skin is cleaner, detoxified and radiant!
Succumb to its refreshing fragrance.

lotion tonique démaquillante
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cosmetic ultra sensory
cosmectic brittany origin

Proven results

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The product perfects the make-up without damaging the skin*
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Does not give a feeling of tightness*
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Skin is cleansed, detoxified and radiant*


TETRASELMIS CHUI (Green Microalgae) & FUCUS SPIRALIS (Brown Algae)

  • This innovative marine complex is able to normalize sebum secretion, thus rebalancing the epidermis.
  • It brightens the complexion of oily skin in just 28 days, tightens pores and leaves
    the skin natural and smoother.


  • Semi-precious natural stone with green color rich in trace elements.
  • Renowned for its antioxidant and detoxifying actions.


  • Herbaceous plant with anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Detoxifying, it fights against the visible and invisible damages caused by pollution on the skin.

A real sensory experience

lotion démaquillante naturelle
  • An ultra-refreshing toning lotion.
  • A “Nature Infused” fragrance with Floral, Vegetal and Musk notes.

*Percentage of volunteer satisfaction – Usage test performed on 31 volunteers after daily application of the Lotion on the face for 28 days.